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Apple 45W Charger ,14.85V, 3.05A, (MAGSAFE 2)

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Apple MagSafe 2 Charger

APPLE AD-AP14830-MG2 Charger

MagSafe 2 AC Power Adapter for MacBook Air

14.85V 3.05A 45W (MAGSE2) Charger


AD-AP14830-MG2,AE451485M2, A1435, A1465, MD223, MD224, MD231, MD232, MD592, A1436, A1465, A1466, APM45W



MD223 MD223B/A MD223D/A MD223F/A MD223K/A MD224J/A MD223LL/A MD223N/A MD223N/A MD223X/A MD224 MD224B/A MD224D/A MD224F/A MD224J/A MD224K/A MD224LL/A MD224X/A MD231 MD231B/A MD231D/A MD231F/A MD231J/A MD231K/A MD231LL/A MD231N/A MD231X/A MD231Y/A MD232 MD232B/A MD232D/A MD232F/A MD232J/A MD232K/A MD232LL/A MD232N/A MD232X/A MD232Y/A MD592LL/A MA090LL, MA092LL/A, MA463LL/A, MA464LL/A, MA600LL, MA601LL, MA609LL, MA610LL, MA611LL/A, MA895LL, MA895LL/A, MA896LL, MA896LL/A, MA897LL/A

The 45W MagSafe 2 Power Adapter includes an attractive DC connector so assuming that somebody should stumble over it, the line detaches innocuously and your MacBook Air waits securely. It additionally forestalls fraying or debilitating of the links after some time. Furthermore, the attractive DC helps guide the attachment into the framework for a speedy and secure association.

At the point when the association is secure, a LED situated at the top of the DC connector illuminates; a golden light tells you that your scratch pad is charging, while a green light lets you know that you have a full charge. An AC lead is given the connector for greatest lead length, while the AC divider connector (additionally gave) gives you a significantly more straightforward and more minimized method for voyaging.

Apple MagSafe 2 Charger

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Dimensions 17 × 12 × 5 cm


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