Asus 45W, 19V, 2.37A, (4.0*1.35mm) Replacement Charger

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Asus Zenbook Charger

Asus Zenbook 45W, 19V, 2.37A ,(4.0*1.35mm)   REPLACEMENT CHARGER

Original Asus Part Numbers

AD-AS1923-4013, 010HLF, AD-AS19023-4013, AS4519040135

Asus Zenbook Original Replacement Models

BX21A, UX21A, UX31A, UX32A, UX32VD

45W ASUS X202E SERIES, ZenBook ,

Our Asus Zenbook replacement Charger (19V 2.37A 4.0*1.35mm) is used for a wide range of  laptops and ensures maximum performance, high quality, and long life expectancy.

This  Laptop Charger lets you work optimally when you are on the move either for business or pleasure.

For your safety all our chargers have been tested on actual units ,and we have found that performance was the same or better than the original specs.

100% compatibility with Original Manufacturer Specifications makes us your only choice.

By utilizing our knowledge which we have gained over the last 25 years we are able to provide our customers with superior quality products and excellent service.

All our Asus Zenbook Chargers proudly carry the  international IEC rating.

Your laptops operating life  depends on its battery charger.

It is one of the most essential  accessories to keep your laptops battery in good health .

All our chargers carry a 6 months post back warranty .

Conditions Apply.

Our products most certainly are the best in quality!

In Conclusion to sum up ,Buy with Confidence, Always!

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Weight 206 g
Dimensions 17 × 12 × 5 cm


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