ASUS X541 Laptop Battery

ASUS X541 Laptop Battery

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ASUS X541 Laptop Battery


X541, X541S, X541UA, X541UV, X541SC, R541UJ, R541UA, F541UA, A31N1601, Laptop Battery, 10.8 V 2600mAh/28Wh


X541 Battery




10.8V 2600mAh, 28Wh

Original Model Numbers
0B110-00420300, 0B110-00440000, A31LP4Q, A31N1537, A31N1601
Suitable Models
F541, F541U, F541UA, R541, R541U, R541UA, R541UJ, R541UVux303ub, X441, X441S, X441SA, X441SC,
X441UA, X441UV Series, X541, X541S, X541SA, X541SC, X541U, X541UA, X541UV
For Optimal Use battery ①Charge normally for 4 hours for the new battery to charge properly. Never Discharge the new battery to Less than 15% (never 0%).
②Don't use the battery in an environment where the temperature is too high or too low.
③When using external power for a long time. It is recommended to remove the battery to avoid affecting battery life.
④Artificial shocks, disassembly, fall, heat or short circuiting may be hazardous to you and the battery.
ATTENTION *Exposing to liquids is highly not advised.
*Never disassemble
*Keep from dropping
*Avoiding extreme temperatures is recommended.
It is normal that battery has certain temperature increase during use.

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