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HP 40W Charger,19V, 2.1A (4MM*1.7MM)

SKU: AD-HP19021-4017 Categories: , ,

HP 40W Charger,19V, 2.1A (4MM*1.7MM)

All orders dispatched within 48 working hours of payment clearing.

Always check availability before paying on 0795459233 or


HP 19V 2.1A (4MM*1.7MM) AC ADAPTOR

AD-HP19021-4017, LA1923-C30, H401904017


S3942244-001, 493092-001, 493092-002, 496813-001, 496813-001, 580402-002, 580402-003, 584540-001, 613162-001, 621140-001, 622435-001, 624502-001, HP-A0301R3, HSTNN-DA18, HSTNN-LA18, HSTNN-XA18, LA1923-C30, NA374AA, NA374AA ABA, P-1300-04, PA-1400-18HL, PA-1650-02H, PPP018H, PPP018L, VP-030ADU00-000, WE449AA

HP Compaq


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Compaq Mini

110c Series,

Compaq Mini

700 Series,

HP Mini

1000 Series,110 Series,1100 Series,110, 1000, 1100, 110c, 210, 700, 730, CQ10 Series, N17908



Lenovo IdeaPad

100 14 80MH0025MT N2840, 100 14", 100 15", 100 80MH N2940, 100 80MH N3540, 100-14 80MH000YUS, 100-14 80MH0012US, 100-14IBY, 100-14IBY N2840, 100-15IBD, 100-15IBY, 100-15IBY 80MJ N2940, 100-15IBY N2840, 100-15IBY N3540, 80MH0008MJ, 80MH0054MJ, 80MJ Series, 80MJ0015CF, 80MJ0016CF, 80MJ0017US, 80MJ0018US, 80MJ001AUS, 80MJ001BUS, 80MJ001CGE, 80MJ001DGE, 80MJ001EGE, 80MJ00AEUS,


80MH Series 14"

HP Charger replacements are for a wide range of Lenovo laptops and is made to guarantee  extreme performancehigh quality, and longevity.

All HP laptop Chargers  let you work ideally once you are on the move for business  or recreation.  Our substitution chargers for Lenovo laptops  meet and/or surpass original charger specs and are thus 100% compatible.

Each of our HP replacement chargers has been tried and approved on laptops to guarantee your security and that of your HP laptop.

The working life of your tablet pivots on its battery charger. It is one of the most important laptop parts.

HP 19v Adaptor

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Additional information

Weight 202 g
Dimensions 17 × 12 × 5 cm


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