HP LK03XL Laptop Battery

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HP LK03XL Battery

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HP LK03XL Laptop Battery

HP LK03XL , X360 15PB000, TPN-W127, TPN-W128, HSTNN-UB71 Laptop Battery, 11.55V/39.0Wh

LK03XL replacement battery (HP LK03XL Battery)

HP LK03XL  , Envy X360 Convertible 15-BP 15-BQ 15-CN 15M-BP 15M-BQ 15M-CN 15M-CP Series: 15-bp0xx 15m-bp0xx 15- bp1xx 15m-bp1xx 15-bq0xx 15m-bq0xx 15-bq1xx 15m-bq1xx 15m-cp0xxx 15-cn0xxx 15m-cn0xxx, 15-bp143cl 15-bp152wm 15-bp194cl 15-bp165cl 15-bp112dx 15m-bp011dx 15m-bp012dx 15m-bp111dx 15-bq213cl 15-bq150na 15-bq102ng 15-cn0013nr 15-cn1073wm 15m-bq121dx 15m-bq021dx 15m-cn0011dx 15m-cn0012dx 15m-cp0011dx 15m-cp0012dx 15m-cp0011dx

       Compatible Part Numbers
  •  LK03XL LKO3XL LK03048XL LK03055XL LK03052XL 916368-421 916368-541 916814-855 HSTNN-LB7U HSTNN-LB8J HSTNN-UB71 HSTNN-UB7I HSTNN-IB8N HSTNN-IB8V L08855-856 L08934-1B1 L09281-855 L08934-2C1 L09049-1B1 L09280-855 L09911-141 L09911-421 L09911-1B1 TPN-W127 TPN-W128 TPN-I12
        Compatible Models:
  • HP Envy X360 Convertible 17-AE 17M-AE 17-BW 17M-BW 17-CE 17M-CE 17T-AE 17T-CE 17T-BW: 17-ae0xx 17-ae1xx 17m-ae0xx 17m-ae1xx 17-bw0xxx 17m-bw0xxx 17t-bw000 17t-bw0xx 17-ce0xxx 17m-ce0xxx 17t-ce0xx 17t-ce000 17t-ae100, 17-ae165nr 17-ae120nr 17- ae143ng 17m-ae011dx 17m-ae111dx 17-bw0011nr 17m-bw0013dx 17-ce1010nr 17m-ce0013dx 17m-ce1013dx; LK03XL for HP Pavilion X360 15- cr0xxx 15-cr0037wm 15-cr0051od 15-cr0091ms 15-cr0053wm 15-cr0087cl 15-cr0055od 15-cr0095nr
  • HP LK03XL type: Li-Polymer, Voltage: 11.55V
For Optimal Use battery
①Discharge the new battery to 5% (not 0%), then charge and cycle 3-4 times to wake up the new battery.
②Avoid using the battery in an environment where the temperature is too high or too low.
③When using external power for a long time. It is recommended to remove the battery to avoid affecting battery life.
④Avoid artificial shocks, disassembly, fall, heat or short circuit.
*Don’t expose to liquids
*Don’t disassemble
*Avoid dropping
*Avoid extreme temperatures
It is normal that has certain temperature increasing during use.

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