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Lenovo B50 Laptop Battery

Lenovo B50 Battery    Lenovo L13L4A01 Battery

All orders dispatched within 48 working hours of payment clearing.

Always check availability before paying on 0795459233 or


Lenovo B50 Laptop Battery

Lenovo B50, B50-30 Touch, B50-45, B50-70, L12L4E55, L13L4A01, 45N1184 Laptop Battery, 14.4V 2200mAh/32Wh


Replacement Part Numbers:

121500192, 121500239, 121500240, 121500241, 121500242, 121500243, 121500244, 45N1182, 45N1184/85, 45N1186, 45N1187, 5B10K10151, 5B10K10153, 5B10K10154, 5B10K10194, L12L4E55, L12M4E55, L12S4E55, L13L4A01, L13M4A01, L13S4A01


IdeaPad E50-70 (80JA0151GE), E51-80 (80QB0008GE), B50-70 (MCC25GE), B50-70 (MCC39GE), E41-80-ITH,

Lenovo IdeaPad 305-15IBY 80NK, E50-80 (80J2006VGE), B50-30 (MCA37GE), B50-70 (MCC2TGE), B51-30A-NTZ, E51-80 (80QB000FGE), B50-70 (MCC28GE), B51-35 (80LH0016GE), IdeaPad 305-15IHW 80NH, E50-80 (80J200QXGE), B50-45 (MCD23GE), B50-70 (MCC2WUK), B51-80A-ISE, B50-70 (MCC2HGE), B51-35 (80LH002GGE),

IdeaPad E50-70(80JA), E50-80 (80J2024SGE), B50-45 (MCD2GGE), B50-70 (MCC2ZGE), B50-30 (MCA2VGE), B50-70 (MCC2NGE), B51-35-EON, IdeaPad E50-70(80JA0138GE),

E51-80 (80QB0006GE), B50-70 (MCC36GE), E41-80-ISE, B50-30 (MCA32GE), B50-70 (MCC2QGE), B51-35A-AEI,


E50-70(80JA0159GE), E51-80 (80QB0009GE), B50-70 (MCC26GE), B50-70 (MCC3FFR), E41-80-80QAA007IH, IdeaPad 305-15IHW, E50-80 (80J200QQGE), B50-45 (59445371), B50-70 (MCC2VGE), B51-30A-NTO, E51-80 (80QB005NGE), B50-70 (MCC2FGE), B51-35 (80LH001GGE),


305-14IBD 80R1, E50-80 (80J20151GE), B50-45 (MCD28GE), B50-70 (MCC2YGE), B51-30A-NTS, IdeaPad 305-15ABM 80NL, B50-70 (MCC2KGE),

IdeaPad E50-70(80JA0137GE), B50-45 (MCD3LGE), B50-70 (MCC32GE), E41-80-IFI, IdeaPad 305-15IBD 80NJ, B50-30 (MCA2WGE), B50-70 (MCC2NMH), B51-80A-IFI,

Eraser N40-70, E50-70, IdeaPad 305-14IBD, IdeaPad 305-15ABM, IdeaPad 305-15IBD, Eraser B50-30 Touch, IdeaPad G550S, Eraser N40-45, B50-70 (80EU),

IdeaPad 305-15IBY, IdeaPad B40-70, Eraser B40-30, Eraser B40-70, IdeaPad E50-70, Eraser B50-30, B50-30 (80ES), Eraser B40-45, N40-70, IdeaPad B50-30 Touch, IdeaPad N40-45, B51-30, E41-80, IdeaPad B40-30, N40-45, IdeaPad B50-30, IdeaPad N40-70, B51-35, Eraser B50-45, B40-45, B50-30 Touch, IdeaPad B50-70, Eraser B50-70, E50-80, IdeaPad B50-45, E51-80, Eraser N50-30,

IdeaPad N50-45, Eraser N50-45,

Eraser N40-30, IdeaPad B40-45, IdeaPad N50-30, Eraser N50-70, N50-45, N50-30, N40-30, IdeaPad N50-70,

Eraser N50-70

B50-80, N50-70, Eraser M4450A, Eraser M4450, IdeaPad M4450A, M4450A, IdeaPad M4450, B40-30, Eraser M4400A, IdeaPad V4400A, IdeaPad M4400A, M4400A, B50-30, Eraser M4400, B50-45, M4450, B50-70, Eraser N40, IdeaPad M4400, Eraser N50, IdeaPad N40, Eraser B50, Eraser B40, IdeaPad N50, IdeaPad B40, IdeaPad B50, IdeaPad V4400, M4400



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